Free Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Camp

On the 10th of January 2015,  Trinity Care Foundation conducted a Free Cleft Camp in the government hospital in Chikkanayakanahalli Taluk , Tumakuru District, Karnataka. This medical camp aimed at identifying patients from the region with facial deformities who required Surgical procedures to rectify them.

Trinity Care Foundation is providing Free Surgeries for Poor { Children and Young Adults } with Facial Deformities !

free cleft lip camp

Trinity Care Foundation worked in conjunction with Karnataka Government officials of different departments in order to organize this Health Camp event. Individuals were informed and directed will in advance to escort patients with facial deformities to this camp. In order to spread the word about the Free Cleft camp,  the foundation informed the general public through various medias.

free cleft lip surgery

free cleft lip palate surgery india

The Type of Facial Deformities are :

1. Cleft Lip,
2. Cleft Palate,
3. Nose Deformity due to Cleft,
4. TMJ Ankylosis,
5. Ear Deformity,
6. Facial Tumours
7. Any other Facial Deformities !

free cleft palate surgery india

Face Deformities, also known as Facial Defects are deformities in the growth of the skull and facial bones. These are congenital deformities (present at birth) and can be corrected by reconstructive surgery. Face Deformities can be Craniofacial Deformities (affecting the skull), Maxillofacial Deformities (affecting the upper jaw) and Dentofacial Deformities (affecting the bony structure and teeth)

facial deformities india

Trinity Care Foundation ( ) is a Public Health organization that is involved in Holistic Treatment for Children with Facial Deformities, School Health Programs and Outreach Health Programs in Karnataka State, India.. To Know more about Opportunities in Facial Deformity Program, Write to us – ” ”
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