School Health Program Bangalore

The school activities expose the child to other children, and to public places, such as streets and buses. This makes the child vulnerable to a set of medical issues, ranging from infectious diseases, food poisoning, psycho-social issues and addictive behaviors. Based on several studies done on school children found that most of the children were suffering from one or more morbid conditions like, Anemia, Dental caries, Vitamin A deficiency, refractive error, Poor hygiene, Worm infestation, tonsillitis, Vitamin B-complex deficiency etc. More information

Health is a key factor in school entry, as well as continued participation and attainment in school. Most of the defects and diseases that are seen among the school children are preventable and the health of the child can be preserved and improved, provided that the defect or disease is detected and treated early. Research indicates that nutritional deficiencies and poor health in primary school age children are among the causes of low school enrollment, high absenteeism, early dropout and poor classroom performance.

The School health program is the only public sector program specifically focused on school age children. Its main focus is to address the health needs of children both physical and mental, and in addition it provides for nutrition interventions and counseling. It responds to an increased need, increases the efficacy of other investments in child development, ensures good current and future health, better educational outcomes and improves social equity and all the services are provided for in a cost effective manner.

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