Free cleft lip palate surgery Bangalore

Ashwini born to a poor family in a village near Doddaballapura, India. The birth of a girl child is an auspicious event in most Indian households, but when Ashwani was born, it became a moment of shock and disbelief.

Ashwani’s family had never seen a child with a cleft before. Ashwani’s cleft lip and palate seemed like a curse and the family worried about the future of their daughter.

Free cleft lip surgery Karnataka

The family feared that they would be ostracized by their family members and villagers. So they decided to keep Ashwani’s hidden from all eyes. Her father wanted to abandon his daughter because of the facial disfigurement.

Then a NRHM doctor at the Government hospital informed the family that Ashwani’s clefts were correctable and she could have a free surgery at Trinity Care Foundation partner hospital, Mallige Medical Centre. Surgery for her cleft lip was complete successes and the family along with the father learned to accept and love their only daughter.

Free cleft lip palate surgery bangalore

In the coming days, Ashwani’s cleft palate surgeries will be performed and this will transform her life. Prof. Dr. N Srinath is the chief consultant surgeon for Trinity Care Foundation.

We help children in need of surgery for treatable facial deformities such as cleft lip, cleft palate, tmj ankylosis, nose and ear conditions and other facial conditions.


At Trinity Care Foundation we believe in the future of our children – charity is just one of the many avenues we use to make the joy visible through the smiles of our nation’s children. Trinity Care Foundation is a Indian non-governmental organisation with a holistic health care vision for children with facial deformities. We work in synergy with Government systems to put the smile back onto our children’s faces with free corrective facial reconstructive surgery and treatments.

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