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We help children in need of surgery for treatable facial deformities such as cleft lip, cleft palate, tmj ankylosis, facial clefts, hemangioma and vascular lesions of the face. .

Free cleft lip surgery Karnataka

At Trinity Care Foundation we believe in the future of our children – charity is just one of the many avenues we use to make the joy visible through the smiles of our nation’s children. Trinity Care Foundation is a Indian non-governmental organisation with a holistic health care vision for children with facial deformities. We work in synergy with Government systems to put the smile back onto our children’s faces with free corrective facial reconstructive surgery and treatments.

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Cleft lip and Cleft palate, especially in children go way beyond the realm of medical need. Apart from causing difficulties in breathing, eating and speaking, the greatest discomfort these children face is often cruel ridicule for their appearance and at times ostracization from society. In a country like India where a large portion of the rural population still believes in superstitions, people consider children with cleft lip deformity to be bad luck and some even consider them cursed. The stigma attached to their deformity causes affected children, who are otherwise completely healthy, to lead incomplete, fractured lives. They are often forbidden from attending school, playing with other children, being seen at social gatherings and some are even barred from leaving their homes.

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Trinity Care Foundation is a network of highly accomplished and networked public health professionals in Karnataka state, India. They aim to solve the challenges of healthcare in India by working in synergy with the government system. At Trinity Care Foundation we aim to create a more efficient and effective social impact ecosystem using preventative healthcare system.

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