Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) 2003 Specified Siganges for Public Information

Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places- Section 4 of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003(COTPA):

Who can download?

Owner, Perpetrator, Manager, Supervisor or in charge of the affairs of a Public Place is responsible to display this signage.

Where to install the Signage?

• Entrance(on every floor of the public place) of the public place
• All conspicuous places inside
• Staircase and entrance to the lift at each floor
Please note: If anyone in-charge of the public place fails to display such signages they are liable to pay fine (up to Rs. 200) equivalent to the number of individual offences.

Specification of the Board:

1) The board shall be of a minimum size of 60cm by 30cm of white background.
2) It shall contain a circle of not less than 15cm outer diameter with a red perimeter of not less than 3cm wide with the picture, in the center of the cigarette or Bidi with black smoke and crossed by a red band.
3) The width of the red band across the cigarette shall equal width of the red perimeter.
4) The board shall contain the warning “no smoking area-smoking here is an offence “, In English or one Indian language, as applicable.
5) Name, designation and contact number of in charge person should be mention below the signage (minimum size of 60cm by 15 cm of white background).

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